GM501 SpermMobilSPermMobil edited no CE mark

  • HEPES and bicarbonate buffered
  • Dilute 1:20 with sperm processing medium
  • For in-vitro examination of necrozoospermic ejaculates and immotile spermatozoa isolated from testicular tissue
  • Contains Theophylline
  • Can be used safely for up to 7 days after opening when stored at 2-8°C and sterile conditions are maintained
  • A Certificate of Analysis for each batch is available at hamiltonthorne.com 

GM501 SpermMobil Intended Use

GM501 SpermMobil is a HEPES buffered, HSA free reagent containing low bicarbonate. It is used for in-vitro examination of sperm cells of necrozoo-spermic ejaculates as well as of immotile sperms isolated from testicular tissue (TESE).

*GM501 SpermMobil is for non-clinical, research use only in USA.

GM501 SpermMobil Instructions for Use

  • Warm to 37°C prior to use. GM501 SpermMobil is HEPES buffered. Incubation of GM501 SpermMobil in a CO2-incubator will lower the pH.
  • To facilitate sperm activation, add 1.5-2.0 μl of GM501 Sperm­Mobil to sperm preparation-medium in the Petri-dish (approximately 30-40 μl/ dilution 1:20). 
  • GM501 SpermMobil should be added to the opposing side from where the sperms are to be aspirated.
  • Wait for 10 minutes. The activating effect will initiate after a few minutes and lasts for up to one hour.
  • Any laboratory procedures described herein are recommendations only. Each laboratory must establish and validate its own procedures for preparation and use.

GM501 SpermMobil Composition

  • NaCl, KCl, KH2PO4, MgSO4 CaCl2
  • Bicarbonate, HEPES, EDTA
  • Glucose, Lactate, Pyruvate
  • Non-essential and essential Amino Acids, Alanyl-Glutamine
  • Theophylline, Phenol Red  

GM501 SpermMobil Specifications

pH (at 37°C) 7.20 - 7.60
Osmolality (mOsm/kg) 280 - 320
Sterility (sterile/SAL 10-3)  No Growth
Endotoxins (LAL, EU/ml) < 0.25
Human Sperm Survival Assy (HSSA) ≥ 80% of Control Motility at 24h

GM501 SpermMobil Order Codes

Part # Size Storage Shelf Life*
 4 GM 501SMOBIL5  1 x 5 ml 2 - 8°C 6 months
 4 GM 501SMOBIL5-S  1 x 1ml 2 - 8°C 6 months
    * From the date of manufacture

GM501 SpermMobil Reference 

Sandi-Monroy NL, Musanovic S, Zhu D, et al. Use of dimethylxanthine theophylline (SpermMobil®) does not affect clinical, obstetric or perinatal outcomes. Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2019; 300(5): 1435-1443. doi:10.1007/s00404-019-05312-8.

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