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HAMILTON THORNE INC. (HT) warrants that its products will be free from defects in workmanship or materials and perform in accordance with HT published specifications (or the specifications agreed to, in writing, by the Buyer and HT and made a part of the sales contract) for a period of one year from the date of installation.

This warranty does not cover lost parts or security keys, and shall not apply to damage to the equipment resulting from abuse, negligence, accIDENT® or loss due to fire, flood, theft, power fluctuations or power failures, lightning strikes, temperatures or humidity outside of HT published Operating Environments, storage or use in a corrosive environment, offlabel use, user-directed system changes such as incompatible computer systems, computer virus or malware induced system changes, use of non- HT approved software on HT provided computer systems, damage in transit or any other damages covered under the Distributor’s or Final User’s Insurance Policy.

The warranty may be voided should the Buyer attempt any repairs, alterations or additions, including installation of third party software, without prior written permission of HT. This warranty is not valid unless a completed Installation Checklist for the system is returned to HT within 30 days from the installation date.


During this warranty period, HT will, at no cost, repair or replace any defective equipment returned to HT. Transportation charges to return the equipment to HT will be prepaid by the sender. The shipping method and packaging are critical to the repair process. Consult HT before shipping. When the Buyer requests expedited shipping or special handling, the Buyer shall pay any associated charges.

HT provides Software Maintenance which includes updates to software such as patches and reliability enhancements during the warranty at no charge. The warranty does not include major software upgrades.

Backup all files before returning the equipment for repair or replacement. HT recommends that you have an external back-up system at all times to reconstruct lost or altered files, data or programs. HT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OF DATA.


A Return Authorization Number must be obtained before returning any product to HT. Please call 1-800-323-0503 in the U.S., 1-978-921-2050 outside of the U.S., your local distributor or email for this Return Authorization Number. When calling or contacting HT, please have the serial number of your system available.


HT makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, and HT disclaims any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The Buyer and HT agree that the sole and exclusive remedies for breach of any warranty concerning the goods shall be repair or replacement of defective parts upon the terms above described or, at HT’s discretion, refund of the purchase price. HT shall not be liable for contingent or consequential damages to persons or property, and its sole liability is as above set forth. Any action by the Buyer for any alleged breach of the warranty set forth herein shall be brought to the attention of HT by the Buyer within the warranty period, but not later than 30 days after the alleged breach.

This statement of warranty and limitations of liability is a complete and exclusive statement of all warranty and liability representations of HT. It may not be varied, supplemented, qualified or interpreted by any prior dealings between the parties or by any usage of the trade or upon the face or reverse of any form to which this is attached or a part of, nor may it be modified by any agent, employee or representative of HT unless such modification or representation is made in writing and signed by a duly authorized officer of HT.

Repairs and/or replacement under the terms of this warranty shall not extend the warranty life of the original equipment supplied. All repairs and service must be performed by HT service engineers or by an authorized representative.

For information about purchasing an additional Service Contract, please contact

QF-85-03-01 Rev.C
Effective Date: May 23, 2018

Securing and Protecting your Computerized Hamilton Thorne Systems

Hamilton Thorne Inc. (HT) products are designed to operate with Microsoft Windows™ operating systems. Therefore, as the owner of a Hamilton Thorne system, you have a great deal of freedom in determining how and whether to connect your system to a network, load other programs on the computer, and manage and protect your data. There may also be regulatory standards which pertain to your environment such as risk management for IT networks.

General Use

First and foremost, this is medical/research equipment and needs to be treated as such. Overloading the system with unnecessary programs, exposing unprotected systems to the internet, inserting virus infected memory sticks and other similar actions which routinely cause problems on personal computers are also risks to your HT system. It is recommended that additions or modifications be limited to those required for proper operation of your HT system. It is strongly recommended that you backup your system periodically and prior to making any changes.

Data Backup

It is recommended that important data be externally backed up frequently to a location such as an external hard drive or a cloud backup service. Microsoft Windows includes backup utilities and there are also third-party backup and restore solutions available so that data you create as well as the “state” of the system can be backed up and then used in emergency situations to restore the system to a previous operational state.


Hamilton Thorne ships most of its systems “network capable”. Hamilton Thorne is not responsible for networking the HT system. To connect to a network, contact the system administrator for that network. There are some basic guidelines which are recommended.

  • First, the HT system operation should be validated prior to network setup.
  • The system should be backed up/stored at this state. Only then should the networking steps be pursued.
  • Be aware that although networking is the easiest way to share data, joining a domain can alter performance, especially if the HT system is trying to boot from or run programs from a domain. HT programs typically require administrator access to the local hard drive.
  • A preferred method of network operation is to map a shared network drive that the HT programs can access.

Virus and Malware Protection

Unless an HT system is secured and isolated both physically and electronically from sources of computer virus or malware (sandboxed), the use of an anti-virus anti-malware program is strongly recommended. Windows Security Essentials and Windows Defender are compatible with HT systems and are free to download from Microsoft or included with Windows. Hamilton Thorne may opt to pre-install anti-virus software on HT systems.

HT Software Program Note

Many HT programs must install or run with Administrator privileges and may require custom Windows User Account Control settings

Third-party Hardware and Software

  1. Ensure that third-party software, such as anti-virus programs, do not use excessive CPU resources during times which may interfere with HT system use (e.g. running virus scans or live updates during the day).
  2. Installing third-party programs such as spreadsheet, database or PDF capabilities is possible on HT systems (e.g. Open Office, Microsoft Office). This is generally acceptable but it is recommended to minimize the installation and use of additional programs to only what is required to run with the HT system.

Software Release Announcements

When Hamilton Thorne releases new software, a Software Release Announcement (SRA) is generated. The SRA contains a summary of changes to the software including new features added and changes to existing features, as well as any known issues. These announcements are typically included on the software update CD and may also be downloaded from the Distributor and Customer sections of the Hamilton Thorne website. Please read the appropriate SRA before updating to new versions of Hamilton Thorne software.

QF-75-04-01 Rev.D
Effective Date: 2018/07/16