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XYRCOS® DTS on turret
XYRCOS® DTS on turret


Hamilton Thorne offers the XYRCOS DTS (dynamic targeting system) moveable research laser and the XYRCOS and XYClone fixed research lasers for use in developmental biology procedures.

  • Assisted Hatching
  • Cloning/SCNT (Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer) 
  • Cell and Tissue Ablation
  • Embryo biopsy (trophectoderm, blastomere)
  • Inner Cell (ICM) Isolation
  • Embryonic Stem (ES) Cell Injection 
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Dynamic Moveable Laser 

XYRCOS® DTS provides computer-controlled accuracy and advanced targeting features to assist with easier cell removal. 

Select different laser paths to match the shape of the zona’s outer layer and perform fast and easy cell separation!

  • Single shot: click any single point on screen to fire. 
  • Line / curve: draw a straight line of any length and then select and drag to create a curve. 
  • Freehand: draw any freeform path by clicking and dragging.
  • Multipoint: click up to 25 non-connected locations to apply laser. Each point may have a different laser setting. 
  • Rectangle: click and drag to draw a rectangle of any proportion.
  • Circular Arc: A circle arc (part or segment of the circumference of a circle) may be drawn and edited as needed.
Fixed Lasers

We also offer fixed laser systems but these lasers do not offer beam steering mechanisms and multiple laser paths. The XYRCOS is equipped with the RED-i target locator visible through the microscope eyepieces and staccato mode for firing in rapid succession. The legacy XYClone is an alternative laser without RED-i or staccato features.

Laser1460 nm, Infrared Solid-State Diode, Class 1 laser product
40x objective (XYRCOS DTS), 20x objective (XYRCOS and XYClone)
Compatible with most inverted microscopes
Laser Power300 mW
Laser Modes and Pulse DurationAdjustable pulse length determines size of ablated area
Single mode: 1 – 3000 μs
Double mode: 1 – 3000 μs
Staccato mode: Pulse length : 1 – 3000 μs, 90mW mean power
CW (optional): Allows non-pulsed laser application over a long duration of time. Maximum power: 30%, Maximum Total Duration: 60 seconds
Laser unit dimensions (HxWxD)XYRCOS® DTS: 42mm x 34mm x 34mm 
XYRCOS: 42mm x 32mm x 32mm
PC System RequirementsWindows desktop or Laptop 
Operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Power RequirementsOperating Voltage (power supply) 100 – 240 VAC RMS

Our lasers come equipped with the user-friendly HT Laser 6 software.

Intuitive Software Interface

Clean and intuitive design with modernized software interface. Quick-select between laser modes and objectives for maximum efficiency. Review captured images and videos in the gallery. 

Isotherm Rings for Temperature Indication

The Isotherm Rings appear on the screen as a series of six concentric circles of varying colors. This safety feature indicates the drill hole size and the maximum temperature reached at the ring diameter. The Isotherm Rings automatically adjust for every power and pulse time combination.

High Resolution Digital Camera

View embryos in full screen and enhanced resolution with the integrated digital camera.  

Integrated Database

Store sample details and images to database. Improve workflow with the ability to quickly select sample information for future procedures.

Hamilton Thorne’s LASERCare™ service plans offer economical and comprehensive coverage against unexpected repair costs and downtime. Two levels of service plans – Basic and Plus- are available for our clinical and research laser systems. The multi-tiered plans give customers the flexibility to choose the features that best suit their needs.