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Remote Capture Station

The Remote Capture station lets satellite laboratories process samples and save video for analysis on an IVOS® II or CEROS II analyzer at the main laboratory. This allows reduced costs while providing full services at all branches of a multi-site laboratory.

The Remote Capture system is a standalone workstation for the capture and storage of sperm motility videos (.hmv files). The .hmv video files include all the necessary calibration, setup, sample and patient information for future analysis on either an IVOS® II or CEROS II analyzer.

The hardware configuration of the Remote Capture station is identical to the CEROS II analyzer.The Remote Capture system requires a negative phase contrast microscope, 10x NH objective, digital camera, computer and Remote Capture software.

The Remote Capture software interface is similar to that of the full version CASA II software, however it provides only the ability to configure settings (Administrator users only), add animal and sample information, capture videos and save .hmv motility files.

The Remote Capture Station can be configured either with a desktop computer or a laptop computer for a portable solution.

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  • Animal