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Innovative Products Across Multiple Applications

Hamilton Thorne offers a full range of solutions for IVF in clinical, developmental biology research, toxicology, and animal breeding markets. We are proud to support work in various fields of assisted reproductive technology and a wide range of different species in various studies. We are committed to creating products and services that support improved outcomes and scientific breakthroughs in your field.

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Helping to Provide Improved Outcomes in the IVF Lab

Human / Clinical

Working in the IVF lab requires passion and efficiency to help patients achieve successful pregnancy after struggling with infertility. We understand the challenges you face and offer a broad range of clinical solutions to help you provide effective care.

Assisting Animal Professionals with Their Breeding Needs


From farm animal production for food to veterinary care, we understand the fast-paced and demanding requirements in animal breeding settings. Over 30 years ago, our company started with humble beginnings in the equine breeding industry. We possess technical expertise in animal reproduction and create assisted reproductive technology to meet your animal breeding needs.

Accurate and Reliable Solutions for the Animal Research Lab


During the early 2000s, our company operated under the previous name of Hamilton Thorne Biosciences and has since maintained strong ties in the animal research industry. We offer a full range of solutions to support clinical research, stem cell research, inner cell mass isolation, and other various developmental biology protocols.

High-quality and efficiency for Reproductive Toxicology Studies

Reproductive Toxicology

Reproductive toxicology testing for a variety of substances, such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals, is necessary to verify there are no harmful effects on reproductive organs. We understand the critical role that you play to ensure a pathway of safety before medicinal drugs enter the clinical market.