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Stiletto® Research Laser System

The Stiletto® research laser system gives you everything you need in one: infrared laser objective, controller software and an automated stage for various procedures applicable to adherent cells in culture.  

The laser module attaches to the turret of your inverted microscope to easily target the cell monolayer to ablate, isolate or score into uniform sections.

  • 20x objective laser module attaches to the microscope turret 
  • Streamline workflow with automated features 
  • Flexible solution applicable to a variety of research needs 


  • Stem Cell Research 
  • Developmental Biology 
  • Cell Isolation 
  • Ablation 
  • Automated, uniform scoring  


Stiletto® Research Laser System Laser Type: Infrared Solid-State Diode, Class 1, eyesafe waveband 1400-1500nm 
Dimensions Stiletto® Module: 1.65in (42mm)x 2.1in (54mm)x 1.1in (28mm) Module Weight: 0.5 (0.22) Controller: 1.6in (41mm)x 3.8in (95mm) x3.25in (83mm)  Controller Weight: 1.0lb (0.45kg) 
Electrical  Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC  Power: 300W Line Frequency: 50/60Hz 
Laser Mode Single, Double, Manual, Auto 
Firing By mouse (optional: Foot switch firing) 
Target Marker Circle or arrow 
Objective Standard: 20x 0.40 N.A, I.R Scale Calibration: Performed interactively on-screen. Calibrate and save multiple objectives Scale Bar: Scale bar graphic overlay automatically adjusts based on calibrated objective. 
Video Camera: High resolution, digital color Illumination: Microscope control, image on screen 
Laser Safety EN IEC 60825-1:2014: Class 1 21 CFR 1040:10: Class 1 
Laser Settings Enable, Remote Fire, Mode, Target, Slide Resolution 
Microplate Allows calibration and storage for unlimited microwell configurations 
Prior Stage Set the controller, connection axis direction encoders and map stage endpoints 
Path Profiles Set and store unlimited laser path profiles containing laser pulse settings, path settings and scoring size 

Features & Benefits

The Stiletto® features a 20x laser module that attaches to the turret like a standard objective. Its automated X-Y-Z stage is equipped with a “remembered focus” at each selected area.  

Streamline your lab’s workflow with the Stiletto® research laser’s automated features. Select multiple areas across an entire plate and Stiletto® automatically ablates cells inside or outside of each designated zone, or along a path. The system quickly scores cell monolayer into sections of user-defined dimensions. 


The Stiletto’s proprietary software interface features modes for auto-scoring, ablation within selected area, outside selected area, and along a perimeter. Designate multiple target areas and modes throughout the entire plate/dish. The Stiletto® provides the ability to select target areas under a lower magnification thereby providing a larger field of view. 

Isolation of Target Cells 

Stiletto® laser gives you complete control over isolation of selected cell areas 

Cell Isolation
Post Removal
Live/Dead Stain on Isolated Cells
Ablation & Microdissection 

Allows you to designate multiple areas to be targeted for ablation or microdissection 

Before Stiletto® Ablation
After Stiletto® Ablation
Optical Heating  

Application of the laser at various power and pulse length settings gives the opportunity to control microscopic heating 

Automated, Uniform Scoring 

Gives researchers an opportunity to standardize their protocol for passaging cell colonies across all users 

100 x 150 microns
200 x 300 microns
400 x 600 microns
Laser Control 
  • Multi-mode options with user-defined parameters 
  • Manual or automated laser operation 
  • Manual or automated X-Y stage movement 
  • Adjustable laser pulse length: 100 µs – 3000 µs 
  • Adjustable pulse/second 
  • Adjustable maximum duration 
  • Computer-controlled target alignment 
  • Laser firing by Mouse or by optional Remote Fire Foot Switch 
Ablation/Scoring Control 
  • Freehand selection of target areas using mouse 
  • Select multiple target areas 
  • Laser application to perimeter of selected area (uniform or variable perimeter) 
  • X-Y laser crosshatching for ablation or scoring 
  • Minimum X-Y crosshatch width: 1 µm apart 
  • Maximum X-Y crosshatch width: 10000 µm apart 
Image Acquisition
  • Capture of static images (tif, bmp or jpg) 
  • Manual and automatic image naming 
  • Image zoom and pan 
  • Manual and automatic image labeling 
  • Graphic overlays 
  • Measurement tool 
  • Image thumbnail gallery 
Video Acquisition 
  • Used for capture and playback of real-time video (up to 1000 seconds) and time-lapse video (user defined capture interval and playback speed)