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Lab Buildouts & Installation

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Transform your IVF Lab with our Team!

Setting up an IVF lab can be a challenge. Let’s do it together!

Our knowledgeable sales team can consult with you on a variety of ART solutions to meet the demands of your busy lab. We offer more than just CASA and lasers—we can provide full ART solutions for setting your lab up for success! 

From a full ICSI setup with micromanipulators, pipettes, and media to your lab’s air purification, and even the incubation storage of embryos and gametes! 

Trust Hamilton Thorne as your premium ART equipment supplier.

CASA Systems

Evaluating male factor infertility with sperm motility or sperm counts? Our company specializes in providing automated semen analyzers to measure sperm viability.

Choose between our full IVOS system with automated heated stage or cost-effective CEROS microscope system with HT CASA software. We also distribute CASA systems from our industry partners such as the LensHooke® X1 Pro by Bonraybio.

Laser Systems and ICSI Station

Busy lab with several ICSI stations to setup? Let us help! We can provide you with an inverted microscope, pipettes, and micromanipulators coupled with an HT Laser system.

Choose between our LYKOS dynamic moveable laser (DTS) or a standard fixed laser to fit your lab’s needs.

IVF Equipment

Did you know we offer IVF workstations, incubators, and anti-vibration solutions?

Store your embryos and gametes safely using an incubator from one of our sister companies at the Hamilton Thorne Group. The HT Group also offers microscope chambers and customizable IVF workstations to improve your lab’s workflow.

IVF Consumables and Accessories

Interested in stocking up your lab with IVF consumables and accessories?

We offer media, micropipettes, microscope slides, QC beads, and even a sperm separation device from our partner Bonraybio. Let us know your application and we’ll help you choose the best product to support it.