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Human / Clinical, Research

Fertility Center of Illinois

A Winning Combination The Fertility Center of Illinois (FCI) is one of the busiest and most successful fertility centers in the Midwest boasting several outpatient clinic locations. Satvinder Kaur, andrologist […]
Human / Clinical, Research

Genesis Fertility Center

IVOS Customizes Fertility Solutions At the Genesis Fertility Centre, the busiest IVF center in Canada, Dr. Sharon Mortimer and her colleagues have developed a methodology called the “Sperm Screen” to […]
Animal, Research

New Mexico Cryobank and Andrology Lab

Delving into the Unknown I love to do research, and IVOS helps to make my work enjoyable,” says Donald Thompson, Supervisor and Research Scientist of the New Mexico Cryobank and […]
Human / Clinical, Research

Queen’s University of Belfast

Making Research Headlines Dr. Sheena Lewis, who heads up the reproductive arm of the Centre for Clinical and Population Studies, has used the IVOS for the past ten years to […]
Human / Clinical, Research

UMass Medical Center

Multi-DIMENSION-al As the sole andrologist at the Male Fertility Analysis program at Umass Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, Rhonda Dobson wears many hats. Ms. Dobson performs all the semen analyses […]
Human / Clinical, Research

University of Sydney Animal Reproduction Group (ARGUS)

Delving into the Unknown We are what we eat—or maybe what our fathers eat. Could a father’s diet affect his sperm quality, and therefore affect his children? These are the […]
Human / Clinical, Research

University of Washington Medical Center

Keeping Reproductive Hope Alive for Cancer Patients Pilar Cordero is an IVOS veteran, logging in over seven years of analyzer use at the University of Washington Medical Center Male Fertility […]