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Olympus Upright Microscopes

Olympus upright microscopes offer high-quality imaging for life science and clinical research. With world-class Olympus microscope optics, you can expect high-resolution, high-contrast microscopy imagery for viewing, insight, and analysis.

Ergonomic, flexible, and easy to use, the highly versatile Olympus upright microscope range provides precise operations and fast, efficient image capture with true color LED illumination.


High Performance in a Cost-Effective System

The modular BX43 microscope enables you to choose between cost-efficient and advanced configurations, depending on your needs. Modular components, such as ergonomic observation tubes and stages, make it simple to customize your microscope to your application.

High Color Rendering White LED

With luminosity equivalent to a 30 W halogen lamp, this long-lasting LED provides a consistent color temperature at any brightness level with an estimated 20,000-hour lifetime.

Maintain Brightness when Changing Magnifications

The light intensity manager eliminates the step of having to adjust the brightness when changing magnification, helping you complete your work faster and with less eye strain.

For more information on the BX43 microscopes, please visit the Olympus website.

CX43 / CX33

Maintain Preferred Observation Conditions with Minimal Adjustments

CX43 and CX33 biological microscopes enable you to remain comfortable during long periods of routine observation. The microscope frame conforms to your hands, and the location of the control knobs maximizes ergonomics to improve work efficiency. With minimal movement, you can quickly set a specimen with one hand, while adjusting the focus and operating the stage with the other hand. The microscopes can also feature an optional camera port for digital imaging.

Uniform Illumination with Consistent Color Temperature

The CX43/CX33 LED illumination provides several advantages, both immediate and over the long-term:

  • Produces daylight conditions so specimens can be viewed with their natural colors
  • Consistent color temperature at any brightness, so can avoid spending time making adjustments when you change the brightness
  • A long 60,000-hour lifetime with the brightness level remaining stable throughout

Fixed Köhler Illumination for Comfortable Viewing

CX43 and CX33 microscopes provide fixed Köhler illumination, enabling you to achieve the right illumination without adjusting the condenser. 

Ergonomically Positioned Focus Knob

The low-positioned focusing knob enables you to conduct your observations while keeping your hands and forearms in comfortable positions resting on the desk. When working under high magnification, the focusing stopper prevents a specimen from accidentally hitting an objective.

Ergonomic Stage and Eyepiece Position

CX43 and CX33 microscopes offer features that support you through long hours in the lab:

  • Low-positioned stage to enhance comfort and reduce fatigue
  • Stage visibility from the eye point position to enable you to smoothly set and check specimens
  • Low stage knob that can be controlled with just a light touch, so you can quickly and comfortably view your specimens

For more information on the CX43 / CX33 microscopes, please visit the Olympus website.