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Olympus IX73 Inverted Microscope

As the demand for the use of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in assisted reproductive technology (ART) applications has increased, so has the burden of the microscopy work it involves. Olympus’ IX73SC assisted reproduction microscope solution helps facilitate the ICSI workflow, improving the speed and efficiency of each procedure.

  • Optimized for a smoother ICSI workflow.
  • Easy Oocyte Condition Checks through Spindle Visualization
  • Streamlined ICSI Steps through Motorized Operation

Features & Benefits

Easy Oocyte Condition Checks through Spindle Visualization.

Olympus’ unique observation method enables you to easily view the metaphase II (MII) spindle through the microscope oculars with the touch of a button:

  • Confirm the oocyte’s maturity to facilitate the timing of the ICSI stage within the in vitro maturation (IVM) process. Never take your eye off the sample with single button operation of the visualization.
  • Confirm the spindle’s position relative to the polar body before inserting the pipette to decrease incidences of damage to the oocyte.
  • Verify the spindles of vitrified oocytes are stable after thawing. Verification contributes to improved accuracy.

Streamlined ICSI Steps through Motorized Operation

  • Switch observation methods instantaneously and adjust the magnification with the press of a button on the integrated hand switch with Olympus’ unique motorized unit.
  • Improve your efficiency as motorized microscope adjustments reduce the number of steps required, enabling you to concentrate on the delicate work of operating the manipulator.
  • Manual focusing can be easily performed with a high degree of sensitivity in conjunction with the motorized observation and magnification.