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Olympus Stereo Microscopes

Olympus stereo microscopes offer three dimensional imaging with a wide zoom ratio and high numerical aperture (NA). Excellent image quality with our advanced optics, improved functionality, and various ergonomic accessories make Olympus stereo microscopes easier and more comfortable to use in life sciences and biology when performing sample selection, dissection, and manipulation.


Excellent Optical Performance with Natural View

The SZX10 is designed to provide a natural view of the specimen with excellent stereo and color representation. The DFPlan series combines high-NA resolving power and working comfort with “distortion-free” optical design for exceptionally flat imaging, and includes a 2x objective lens with an NA of 0.2 for high-resolution imaging at 600 linepair per millimeter.

Wide 10:1 Zoom Ratio

The SZX10 covers a magnification range of 6.3x to 63x with its 1x objective, and offers up to 123x magnification with a 2x objective. Thanks to this wide-ranging 10:1 zoom ratio versatility, it’s a good choice for life science applications that require low-magnification macro views for dissection and specimen manipulation, and sharp high-magnification views for close observation of cell structures.

Digital Imaging and Documentation

The SZX10 can also be equipped with a trinocular tube and Olympus DP series digital camera for high-resolution imaging and research documentation. DP series cameras offer the high sensitivity for a wide range of applications, including high-sensitivity fluorescence imaging, and can be easily controlled using Olympus cellSens software.

For more information on the SZX10 microscope, please visit the Olympus website.


Outstanding Optical Performance

SZX16’s optics, which include observation tubes, zoom body, and objectives are fully apochromatic to reduce chromatic blur over the entire magnification range. The SDF (Super Depth of Focus) objectives can deliver clear and high-contrast images of virtually any specimen. The maximum NA of 0.3 produces a resolution of 900 linepairs per millimeter allowing clear visualization of fine microscopic cell and cell component structures. Such amazing resolution and peerless magnification makes work more efficient, more precise and reveals much more information from samples.

Wide 16.4:1 Zoom Ratio

The SZX16 boasts a wide zoom ratio of 16.4:1, enabling 7x-115x magnification with a 1x objective, and up to 230x magnification with a 2x objective. This wide zoom range makes it suitable for a wide range of research applications, with low-magnification macro views for dissection and specimen manipulation, and sharp high-magnification views for close observation of microstructures.

For more information on the SZX16, please viisit the Olympus webiste.