Oosight® Applications

Oosight Imaging System is for research purposes only.

Oosight™ can be used for many applications within the transgenics, stem cell, developmental biology and animal ART sectors, including:

  • Spindle imaging for enucleation during nuclear transfer (SCNT)
  • Identifying spindle orientation during ICSI
  • Assessing egg health and maturation for ART procedures
  • Contributing useful data for embryo grading
  • Detecting weak points of molecular order in the zona, either for assisted hatching and/or biopsies
  • Quantitative imaging of oocytes and embryos for developmental studies

In addition, a recent study out of Australia has shown that 'selection of sperm with head retardance ranging from 0.56 nm or greater to 0.91 nm or less was associated with higher pregnancy rates (see The relationship between sperm head retardance using polarized light microscopy and clinical outcomes).

Screening with Oosight Can Make All the Diference

Oosight enables you to determine which subpopulation of oocytes are at high risk for producing chromosomally abnormal embryos. Approximately 1 in 20 cycles contains oocytes that are immature but are nevertheless falsely labeled MII using conventional imaging techniques. Oosight can prevent the potentially damaging effects that result from injecting immature oocytes. The system can also help screen for oocytes with highly disrupted spindles, such as those that are multi-polar.

Improve the efficiency of Cryopreservation

Whenever an application is known to alter the state of the biological material being used, it is imperative that checks and balances are in place to monitor the extent of that change. Oosight can help do this for cryopreserved oocytes by providing a method that helps ensure that vital structures in the oocytes are re-formed to their original pre-frozen state.

“Because spindle screening can improve efficiency of gamete selection, it should be considered when choosing eggs for freezing or fertillization by ICSI.”  
Nicole Noyes, MD, New York University

Oosight Imaging System is for research purposes only.