Animal Breeding

The animal breeding market encompasses many species and requirements. From food production to equine breeding to companion animal breeding to wildlife breeding, the Hamilton Thorne systems provide fast and accurate sperm analysis results.

Boar Breeding: The swine market makes up a large portion of the food production market. The Boar Breeders II software offers functions and output specific to the boar breeding industry. 

Equine Breeding: The Equine Breeders II software is designed to output results in a format to make dose calculations based on total, motile or progressive cells. It also provides dilution information to extend the entire ejaculate or just a single dose.

Animal Breeding: The Animal Breeders II software is used for a variety of species, such as other production animals (such as bovine), companion animals (dogs, cats), and various wildlife species (elephants, killer whales, and more!)