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Wroclaw University, Poland (Domestic and Wild Animals)

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Fully Equipped

Drs. Nizanski and Klimowicz made sure they were fully equipped to face the challenges their research demands.

How did they do it? By purchasing an IVOS system with IDENT, VIADENT, Real-Time and Metrix morphologies. The doctors, who evaluate the fresh and cryopreserved semen of a diverse group of animals, both domesticated and wild, require a system that is flexible and complete. The IVOS was a natural choice.

For domesticated species, the focus of their research is to evaluate and determine optimal semen preservation methods, so that post-thaw artificial inseminations are more successful. They compare the effects of extenders, cryoprotective agents, rates of freezing and thawing, as well as packaging systems on spermatozoal properties. For wild animals, they investigate the characteristics of spermatozoa in fresh semen.

“the IVOS detects subtle differences in semen quality treated with the various preservation methods. We are able to evaluate the effect of media on spermatozoa velocity, linearity, and the population of rapid and progressive sperm. This feature, in conjunction with the viability evaluation, makes the IVOS a perfect tool for research work. The results are easier to compare and more precise. We work faster, and more effectively. Our results are objective and repeatable.”

Wojciech Nizanski, DVM Ph.D.
Wojciech Nizanski, DVM Ph.D.
Malgorzata Klimowicz, DVM Ph.D. student Department of Animal Reproduction, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Agriculture Wroclaw, Poland

One might think that the large number of applications would increase the IVOS’ difficulty to use. The doctors couldn’t disagree more; “the IVOS is easy to use!”

For their research the doctors find that “the IDENT® option is particularly useful, because we often analyse post-thaw semen in an egg-yolk extender.”

IMV Technologies, who sold the doctors their unit, also provides their technical support. The doctors had this to say about IMV, “we get excellent technical support and advice from the IMV centre in L’Aigle. When we have technical questions or we need consultations, they are able to answer or solve the problem very quickly. The knowledge of the IMV team about the technical features and software is great!”

In summary, the doctors say, “the most important advantage of the IVOS is the very short time for analysis, and that the results obtained are reliable and accurate. HTB has improved the quality of our work.”