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No Arguing with the CEROS

Dr. Foss of Equine Medical Services is a relatively new CEROS user. He says he saw the CEROS at a tradeshow and thought, “it would be great for post-thaw analysis of frozen semen. I had not anticipated how useful it would be in the remainder of our practice.” In fact, Equine Medical Services uses the CEROS in almost all aspects of their reproductive services, from evaluating semen they are processing for shipment to analyzing specimens that arrive for breeding.

Equine Medical Services has one of the most active commercial embryo transfer programs in the country, transferring over 400 embryos a year and maintaining a herd of over 500 mares. Dr. Foss finds the CEROS quite helpful in managing semen use in the embryo transfer donor mares. Because many of the mares are brought to Equine Medical Services due to fertility problems, using high-quality semen is a necessity for achieving the best results.

Using the CEROS, Dr. Foss and his team can make decisions about which semen to use based on firm numbers. Foss says, “we find that stallion managers that would otherwise not accept the fact that the semen arrived in poor condition are much more willing to accept it when they see the data produced by the CEROS. They are willing to argue with me but not with a machine. I wish more veterinary labs and stallion managers had similar units.”

Dr. Foss describes the installation and training on the CEROS this way,

“I was very happy with the setup and training we had, it was not only thorough and personal, and it was enjoyable. Any problems or questions have been handled promptly and professionally.”

Rob Foss, D.V.M.

Summing up his experience with the CEROS and Hamilton Thorne, Foss says, “Hamilton Thorne not only keeps pace with what we want to do in our practice but is probably a step or two ahead.”

Rob Foss, D.V.M.
Columbia, MO 65201