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The IVFtech tube warmers fit either 12 test tubes of 14 ml or 4 test tubes of 50 ml. The temperature is variable by 0.5 degrees increment. The sides of the tube warmer are transparent making it easier to visualise and are also removable for easy cleaning. The aluminium block covers 2/3 of the tube which gives even heating to the tubes.

Our Tube warmers are also available with a battery option making them more accessible in any environment.


The Tube warmer is designed to provide protections of the samples in the tubes by providing them with a constant and uniform temperature. Where it is meant to be used by professionals trained in using the Tubewarmer and trained in handling IVF samples.

The Tube warmer is available with 3 different aluminum blocks with holes for 4, 12 or 14 tubes.

As an option all models can be equipped with rechargeable batteries that allows the use of the Tube warmer temporarily without any connection to the mains. An on/off switch and a power plug is located at the rear side of the Tube warmer. The display placed on the front is used to control the Tube warmer

Tube variants of the Tube warmer

ModelTube DiameterTube hole depthTubes supported
4 Tubes129,5 mm65.5 mm50 ml
12 Tubes17 mm68 mm 14 ml2
14 Tubes17 mm68 mm14 ml
1 The 4-tube model is mainly used for animal samples
2 59 7×30.5×24.8 (NUNC) and 17×100 (FALCON)