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Sterica cabinets are designed to protect the samples with a constant flow of clean air and is manufactured to meet the specific requirements of IVF Laboratories. It is designed to provide a vertical laminar flow of clean air covering the whole surface area. The Sterica is suitable for all your IVF laboratory needs including vitrification, ICSI manipulation, sperm collection and all IVF routine work.


Features include a timer to switch the fan and heated surfaces automatically on/off. Accommodates all major brands of microscope. Choice of oculars, one for the front window or a secondary window inside the cabinet, which allows the front window to be closed. (Although this is not mentioned on the order form) The specially designed laminator or diffuser enables uniform airflow 0.32m/s at lower fan speeds, providing not only less turbulence but saves on energy and increases the lifespan of the HEPA filter. The Sterica cabinets can be customized to your specific requirements with a choice of 6 sizes, unheated or heated and prepped for microscopes with fixed or electrically adjustable stands.


Sizes: 90, 120, 150 and 180cm
Heights: 700-750mm, 800-850mm, 900-950mm and 705-1100mm

Electrically adjustable stand

Options table top:

  • Stainless steel or Himacs® table top
  • Standard heated area 450 x 650mm
  • Full heated area 450 x 830mm
  • Extra heated area 450 x 200mm
  • Extra heated area 450 x 400mm
  • Witness preparation flush with surface
  • Anti-vibration platform
  • IVFtech heated glass Ø45mm Ø60mm
  • Table top integrated incubator
  • Gas Mixer
  • Shelf for Gas
  • Warming Blocks
  • Cooling System
  • Shelf and Drawer Options

Key Features

  • Low noise level – <51 dB(A): Sterica cabinet has been designed to give you the lowest noise level on the market
  • Filtration: Class H-14 HEPA filters in accordance with EN 1822. Filter efficiency 99.999% against 0.3 μm particle size. 99.995% in MPPS. HEPA filters are protected by a carbon pre-filter for a longer life.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to service
  • Easy to clean
  • Hi-Macs® table top option
  • Low noise level
  • Air speed variation of only +/- 10%
    meaning a quieter, economical fan.
  • Unrivalled variety of options
  • Ergonomic sloping front


Sterica model90 Unit120 Unit150 Unit180 Unit
External dimensions (DxWxH)695x1015x1240mm695x1320x1240mm695x1625x1240mm695x1930x1240mm
Internal dimension (DxWxH)560x950x635mm560x1255x635mm560x1560x635mm60x1865x635mm
Product weight140150180190
Shipping dimensions (WxDxH)1650x900x1600mm1650x900x1600mm2200x900x1600mm2200x900x1600mm
Shipping weight / volume250kg / 2.0m2260kg / 2.0m2290kg / 2.5m2300kg / 2.5m2
Flow rate1260m3/hr1680m3/hr2120m3/hr2515m3/hr
Carbon Prefilter dim. (WxDxH)580x330x1.2mm885x330x1.2mm1190x330x1.2mm1495x330x1.2mm
Work chamber LED light1980 lumen3080 lumen3960 lumen4840 lumen