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Tokai Hit Thermo Plate®

Tokai Hit original glass heater maintains stable temperature and supports the needs in different various fields such as time-lapse imaging and IVF fields.

  • Strengthened glass with 10 year guarantee for glass breakage
  • Plate LED Indicator visualizing the plate condition
  • Compact controller for space saving
  • Temperature Sensor and Logging Software for Quality Control


Temperature ControlMethodPID Control
Setting methodDigital switch using UP and DOWN key
Maximum temp. setting60.0℃
Minimum temp. setting0.0℃
Controllable temp.Ambient+5℃ ~ 60.0℃ (TPi-UNIX:~50.0℃)
Temp. accuracyWithin 0.1℃ (Under room temp. 25℃, Plate Center, in our terms and conditions)
SensorPlatinum resistance thermometer(Pt100Ω)
Power source100V~240V AC
Current rating1.6A
Maximum Power Consumption50W

Features & Benefits

Miniaturize the controller to as same size as smart-phone. Very useful for space saving in the clean bench.

Plate LED Indicator visualizes the plate condition by not seeing the controller.