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minitherm legacy and minitherm plus stage warmer
minitherm legacy and minitherm plus stage warmer
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MiniTherm® Stage Warmer

Designed for use with disposable sperm analysis chambers and microscope slides, the MiniTherm stage warmer maintains sample temperature at 37°C. Simply
plug the warmer in and place on the microscope stage. The sleek, low-profile MiniTherm Stage Warmer works with any upright microscope. Whether used with our CEROS II sperm analyzer or for manual microscope assessment, the MiniTherm keeps the semen sample at the proper temperature for accurate sperm motility and velocity analysis.

  • Maintains sample temperature at 37°C
  • Compact and affordable stage warmer for CASA and manual sperm motility analysis
  • Available as Minitherm Plus with additional features or legacy Model


General Specifications
Dimensions & WeightPlate Heater
84mm x 47mm x 6mm
3.31in x 1.85in x 0.25in
31g (1.10z)
132mm x 82mm x 35mm
Controller Unit
5.20in x 3.23in x 1.38in
151g (4.85oz)
Power Source100-240VAC
Current Rating1.6A
Max Power Consumption50W
MethodPID Control
Temperature Control
Setting MethodDigital switch using up/down keys
Max Temperature Setting60.0°C
Min Temperature Setting0.0°C
Controllable TemperatureAmbient +5°C ~ 60.0°C
Temperature Accuracy±0.1°C
SensorPlatinum resistance thermometer (pt 100 Ω)

Key Features

  • Low-profile permits rotation of turret without interference – no adjustment needed to switch objectives
  • Allows temperature adjustment from 5°C over ambient temperature up to 60°C
  • Portable – can be easily moved between microscopes
  • Easily test using included Temperature Validation Slide
  • Internal PID calibration (see below) and ability to enter a Shift Value to optimize accuracy
  • Key lock feature to prevent inadvertent change in set temperature
  • Easy insertion and removal of analysis chamber (push on, slide off) while on stage
  • Designed in cooperation with Tokai Hit, a leader in the field

PID Calibration

The MiniTherm Plus uses Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control for stable temperature maintenance. The MiniTherm Plus controller is calibrated at room temperature 25°C ± 2℃ (77°F ± 4°F) before shipping. If the temperature of the heating plate is not stable in your usage environment, the controller can be recalibrated by performing PID calibration.

Easy Insertion and Removal of Chamber while on Stage

Validation Slide

Each MiniTherm Plus comes with a temperature validation slide which is used to test the MiniTherm Plus. The Validation Slide turns green when at 37°C, brown when below 37°C and blue when above 37°C.


MiniTherm LegacyMiniTherm Plus
Compatible with all upright microscopes
Test using temperature validation slide
Adjustable temperature
Digital display of current temperature
Allows rotation of turret without interference
Internal PID calibration for temperature control
Key lock feature to prevent changes