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Geri® Time-Lapse Incubator

Genea Biomedx

The incubator for an embryo is absolutely critical and essential for its survival while being cultured outside of the uterus. Geri® is a compact modular bench-top incubator that incorporates time-lapse imaging to capture critical developmental stages of embryo development. Designed to offer an individualized and undisturbed incubation, Geri® provides stable culture conditions in an optimal environment.

  • Six individual incubators/chambers
  • Each chamber has its own dedicated camera, capturing up to 11 focal planes and a best focal plane
  • It is easy to see at a quick glance which chambers contain embryos, either by looking at the individual LCD screen for each chamber


  • Geri® has a gas purge function to flood the chamber and accelerate the process of restoring optimum gas levels, to re-establish the optimal environment in the chamber as quickly as possible with a recovery time of 3 minutes1.
  • Each chamber has its own CO2 sensor, monitoring the concentration of CO2 rather than flow of gas. This assures that your mixed gas has the correct CO2 level1.
  • Each chamber can be humidified with the addition of the Geri® Water Bottle, thus reducing evaporation of culture media and minimising changes in osmolality levels that may impact embryo development, even at day 5 or 6 of culture3.
  • We have incorporated redundancies into the chamber so even if one of two heating element pairs fails, the temperature is maintained by the other heating element pair. This maintains the temperature of the chamber and reduces the impact on temperature variations for the embryo1.
  • The Geri Dish® has 16 micro-wells for individual embryo tracking providing Geri® with a capacity to hold 96 embryos.

Features & Benefits

Real-time monitoring of embryo growth

Geri® enables you to monitor each chamber’s environment and control incubation conditions in real time to ensure the ideal condition for embryo growth is achieved. Here are a few key factors that can be monitored in real time:

  • Temperature: Geri® maintains a precise temperature in each chamber, within +/- 0.2 ºC of a user-specified set point1.
  • Gas flow: A regulator maintains a consistent gas flow1.
  • Independent in-built sensors: Temperature and gas sensors detect abnormal environment conditions1.
  • CO2: Temperature and CO2 conditions in each chamber can be monitored with an external probe2 for reassurance1.
  • Light: Long wavelength light source in cameras to reduce light-induced damage to early stage of embryo development1.
  • Humidity: Providing both the ability for each individual chamber to be humidified or not, humidification inside the chamber is tracked by independent sensors1.

Incorporating the latest time-lapse technology

The Geri® software is built on a modular approach. Embryos can be viewed on the Geri® instrument itself, or the images can be transferred to the Geri Connect® server to be stored and then played back through the Geri Connect & Geri Assess Software. You can even share these images with patients to make their journey a more personalised experience than ever before.