Genea Biomedx Geri Connect & Geri Assess

Geri Connect® & Geri Assess®: Remote access for monitoring embryo development

Geri Connect® & Geri Assess® connects one or more Geri® incubators through a local area network (LAN) and enables multiple users to access and review patient/ embryo data to make an informed decision of which embryo to implant.

GCA screen only

Review and evaluate embryo software

  • Designed and developed by our team of scientists at Genea, Geri Connect® & Geri Assess® allows you to monitor, analyze and evaluate embryos at any stage of embryo growth.
  • The Geri® Status Hub within Geri Connect® & Assess® displays the status of your instrument so you can remotely monitor temperature, CO2, humidity and any alarms/warnings.
  • The best focal plane, embryo-cropped video allows the option to reduce storage. 

Modular approach to make an informed decision

Geri Assess® includes several tools for assessing embryo development to ensure you have a consistent approach in selecting the best embryo/s:

  • Geri Assess® 1.0 enabling you to manually annotate embryo development and assign a score.
  • Geri Assess® 2.0 provides automated annotations of embryo development up to day 5, as well as the ability to upload and apply custom scoring algorithms*.
  • The Eeva™ Test software applies an algorithm based on embryo development parameters and give a score up to day 3*.

*Requires EevaTM server and Geri+® instrument, Geri+®, Geri Connect® & Assess®,and the EevaTM Tests are not available in the US.

GCA iPad

Geri Connect® and Geri Assess® software packages are optional accessories that, respectively, allow access and review of time-lapse data on the LAN, and improve the viewing and recording of user-defined embryo development events and observations of embryo images captured by the Geri® incubator.

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