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Heated Tables

Heated table tops for clean room or laboratory use. The Electrically heated area is controlled by a high precision PID regulator, the heating area is split into smaller zones to maintain the temperature and limit variations which can be caused by placing a cold warming block on one part of the heated area. It will also ensure a faster recovery time.The table tops are prepped for a variety of microscopes and available in stainless steel or HiMacs®


Sizes are available in: 90, 120, 150 and 180 cm

Heights are available in:

  • 700-750 mm without AV
  • 800-800 mm with AV

Options for table top:

  • Standard heat 450 x 650 mm
  • Full heated 450 x 830 mm
  • Extra heat 450 x 200 mm
  • Extra heat 450 x 400 mm
  • Witness preparation flush
  • Anti-vibration platform
  • IVFtech heated glass Ø45 mm and Ø60 mm
  • Table top integrated incubator