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The DATAssure™ wireless monitoring system is used across a broad range of market sectors meeting the most stringent standards to assist customers to comply with HACCP, BRC, FDA and MRHA legislative requirements.

The system is standalone and connects directly to your business IT network with no need for any dedicated PC, server or specialist installed software. Data from the base station can be viewed direct on the colour touch screen or via a standard web browser.

The base station allows multiple secure connections and data can be viewed on multiple devices from PCs to tablets to mobile phones though its simple to use and intuitive web based interface.

New Features

  • No server or dedicated PC required
  • Web based – no software installation required
  • No ongoing cloud or licensing fees
  • Long range wireless sensors
  • Inbuilt reporting & graphics tools
  • User replaceable 5 year battery
  •  Vast array of sensor types
  • Battery and data backup for data security


A typical system comprises of a base station, wireless sensors and where necessary wireless signal repeaters (range extenders). The wireless sensors are paired with the base station to form a secure communication network. If the wireless sensor is not in range of the base station, an optional wireless signal repeater can be added to increase the distance.

Multiple repeaters form a mesh network allowing the base station and sensors to communicate over long distances and in complex structures.
Each wireless sensor monitors the sampled factor (eg. temperature, humidity, pressure) and sends the reading each minute over the wireless network to the base station. The base station reviews the data against pre-set warning and critical alarm parameters as defined by you to generate alarm notifications.

All readings are stored in a secure tamperproof format for later review and creation of reports.