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Cell-Tek 3000 IV


Cell-Tek 3000 IV microscope chamber for inverted microscopes are designed with the latest environment technology for safe and ergonomic examination, injection, biopsy and manipulation

The chamber accepts most conventional inverted tissue culture microscopes with manipulators. All instruments and dishes in the chamber are maintained under optimum conditions of temperature, CO2 and humidity. Filtered and VOC free environment through UV photo-catalytic oxidization together with HEPA & carbon filter. As all equipment is located internally specimens are not affected by drafts from air conditioning ducts or unstable air environment typically found in laminar flow or biological safety cabinets.


  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis)
  • Embryo biopsy
  • Assisted hatching
  • Embryo assessment at high microscope magnification

Features & Benefits

All of the above techniques require maximum stability of the specimen in the dishes or anywhere on the microscope stage. To provide stability the Cell-Tek 3000 IV is supplied with a low profile anti-vibration plate of 300X500X40mm high, with interchangeable isolators to suit various microscope weights and can be adjusted to counterbalance microscope weight.

Due to the wide range of microscopes, manipulators, lasers and other optical assessment techniques, the canopy is supplied with the interchangeable microscope module to suit the instrument of choice.

The hinged top access doors allow for easy access to needles and needle holders of any selected manipulation system to allow holders to be taken out of the canopy to be replaced or exchanged.

Optional swing-out shelf modules can be located on either side of the canopy providing for storage of out-gassed dishes or multiple welled plates. Specimens can also be introduced and stored on these shelves within easy access through the sliding arm ports.


The parameters of temperature, CO2 gas concentration and humidity can be set or switched on/off via the large touch screen. The touch screen controls have three levels of user access and display a graphic trend screen and CSV log files downloadable to memory stick. Higher levels of access allow for instrument parameter calibration changes compared against reference meters, as well as alarm settings, and further connection to laboratory LAN if required.

Accessibility to the instrumentation within the chamber is provided by no less than four hinged access doors in optimum positions at the top and front as well as two sliding iris arm ports providing hand entry to the semi-sealed environment during manipulation techniques.

Tissue being observed in the CELL-TEK 3000 IV chamber is assured of the cleanest filtered and VOC free, circulated air. Its closed environment is virtually uninfluenced by ambient lab conditions that are often subject to toxic fumes like VOC and hydrocarbons stemming from paint, motor vehicles and general HVAC systems.

The CELL-TEK chamber incorporates in its airflow system a UV Photocatalytic Oxidisation Technology where no UV light is visible to operator or specimen exposure, combined with specially formulated high grade carbon and finite HEPA filters, a unique environmental air cleaning combination not previously seen in ART work stations.

The instrument is located for stability and mobility on a rigid powder coated steel frame located on 4 castors with additional foot operated lift locks securing the instrument when in normal operating position.

Controlled humidification within the chamber is possible by filling pre-filtered/sterile water in the special evaporation tray. Relative humidity (RH) set point to maximum 70% can be selected or switched off totally on the touch screen.