Stiletto Software

Laser Control

  • Multi-mode options with user-defined parameters
  • Manual or automated laser operation
  • Manual or automated X-Y stage movement
  • Adjustable laser pulse length: 100 µs - 3000 µs
  • Adjustable pulse/second
  • Adjustable maximum duration
  • Computer-controlled target alignment
  • Laser firing by Mouse or by optional Remote Fire Foot Switch

Ablation / Scoring Control

  • Freehand selection of target areas using mouse
  • Select multiple target areas
  • Laser application to perimeter of selected area (uniform or variable perimeter)
  • X-Y laser crosshatching for ablation or scoring
  • Minimum X-Y crosshatch width: 1 µm apart
  • Maximum X-Y crosshatch width: 10000 µm apart

Image Acquisition

  • Capture of static images (tif, bmp or jpg)
  • Manual and automatic image naming
  • Image zoom and pan
  • Manual and automatic image labeling
  • Graphic overlays
  • Measurement tool
  • Image thumbnail gallery

Video Acquisition

  • Used for capture and playback of real-time video (up to 1000 seconds) and time-lapse video (user defined capture interval and playback speed)

Stiletto for non-clinical research use only.

(For Clinical Laser Assisted Hatching and Biopsy applications, please see the LYKOS Laser or ZILOS-tk Laser)