Stiletto Applications

Isolation of Target Cells

Stiletto streamlines gives you complete control over isolation of selected cell areas. The laser offers more precision and consistency during isolation than current mechanical methods. Using low level magnification, wells may be quickly scanned to select the cells to isolate. Once your selections are made and the Stiletto objective is positioned, simply activate the laser and the stage automatically moves to each well where the laser is applied according to the user-defined modes.

stiletto isolation

Ablation & Microdissection

By applying the laser pulses, unwanted cells are quickly ablated while cells of interest are preserved. The Stiletto allows you to designate multiple areas to be targeted for ablation or microdissection. Using any or all of the built-in path drawing tools, you can choose to dissect along a perimeter path or ablate inside/outside a selected area.

stiletto ablation

Optical Heating

Application of the laser at various power and pulse length settings gives the opportunity to control microscopic heating. Visualization of the resultant heating is possible through the Isotherm Rings feature, which automatically adjusts based on the selected setting values.

stiletto heating

Automated, Uniform Scoring

Stiletto gives researchers an opportunity to standardize their protocol for passaging cell colonies across all users. Automated scoring results in uniformly sized sections of cells and user-defined settings allow precise control over the size of resultant segments.

stiletto scoring