Stiletto Overview



Isolation of Cells of Interest,
Ablation of Unwanted Cells,
and Precision Scoring of Cell Colonies

  • No longer do you need to spend tedious hours picking out cells manually.
  • Select multiple areas and Stiletto automatically ablates cells inside each designated zone.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your current workflow: no enzymes or extra preparation needed for your cell samples.
  • Ablates unwanted cells in seconds without harming valuable colonies
  • Cleanly cuts colonies with minimal or no damage, and without burning or cauterizing.
  • High speed separation of cells in colonies with an automated stage creates a uniform pattern or user-defined sections of size and shape for transplanting cells more easily into additional dishes or plates in the expansion phase of stem cell growth.
  • Cells are handled in a non-contact manner thus eliminating any contamination.
  • Precision technology that provides consistent results between different users


Stiletto for non-clinical research use only. hESC research using the XYRCOS should be conducted in accordance with any applicable Federal, State or local laws and regulations.

(For Clinical Laser Assisted Hatching and Biopsy applications, please see the LYKOS Laser or ZILOS-tk Laser)