Clinical Laser Software (Legacy 5.12)

Caution: Federal (US) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician or a licensed healthcare practitioner trained and certified in its use. Laser-assisted hatching and laser-assisted biopsy are not recommended for use in all IVF patients. Please Note: For animal research and human stem cell applications, the HT Research Lasers should be used.

Software Features (Legacy 5.12 software)

TheLYKOS and ZILOS-tk provide the highest level of flexibility, compatibility, and ease of use. Features include:

  • Real-time video recording
  • Auto-image capture on laser fire
  • Thumbnail image capture
  • Measure saved images
  • Measurements are displayed with value labels
  • 2x, 4x, 8x zoom and user-defined image panning
  • Calibrate and store multiple objectives
  • Option to save overlays with images
  • One-click save all images
  • Choose which levels of Isotherm Rings™ to display

Intuitive Software Interface

Because the laser software is user-friendly and easy to learn, you'll be up and running in no time. Unlike mechanical piezo systems that can take months to master, the HT lasers allow even novice users to perform laser ablation quickly and easily. Simply position the area to be ablated under the target and fire the laser. As one user said, “one of my colleagues was using the laser and she picked up the operation during the first session.”

Laser Clinical Software

Laser Control Panel

Laser Control Panel

The LYKOS and ZILOS-tk are used in Clinical Mode, in which the laser operates at three user-defined pulse durations: Low, Medium, and High. The user may choose the exact pulse length to assign to each level. When a laser power button is selected, the user has 15 seconds to fire the laser. The laser may be fired multiple times within that 15 second window, however a safety delay will be activated between the pulses. The length of the safety delay is dependent upon the pulse duration; higher pulse durations require a higher delay in order to meet Class 1 laser safety requirements.


Easy Targeting

Choose between a circle, arrow, or the unique Isotherm Rings as your target locator. The Isotherm Rings appear on the screen as a series of six concentric circles of varying colors, and indicate the drill hole size and the maximum temperature reached at the ring diameter. The Isotherm Rings automatically adjust for every power and pulse time combination. In addition, you may select which rings to view.

Isotherm Rings animation

Image Capture

Image Capture

Image Thumbnails

  • Capture and store unlimited images in JPG, TIF or BMP formats, with ability to set automatic image naming.
  • Images may be automatically captured on laser fire.
  • Unlimited images may be stored to the thumbnail image gallery.
  • Images may then be saved individually or all at once to the output directory.
  • The entire thumbnail gallery may be printed to a single page for archive purposes.

 Video Recording and Playback

Video Recording

For presentation, archiving, and teaching purposes, the ability to store video procedures is invaluable. The simple one touch record and stop controls are easy to use. Video files may be named automatically or manually. Videos up to 1000 seconds may be recorded, and you can select to further limit the length of videos to help preserve disk space. Both real-time and time-lapse videos may be recorded.


Embryo Measurements  Zona Measurments

The Documentation option provides the ability to measure captured images using the built-in measurement tools. In addition, the software automatically calculates the mean and standard deviation. The measured and calculated values are transferred into the report at the touch of a button. You may also choose to create a report that can hold 2 images and measurement data, or 4 images with no measurement data. Images may also be saved with the overlay of measurements made. Data also may be saved into an ASCII format.

Patient report

Image Annotation Tools

There are two types of Image Annotation Tools: Auto-Image Labeling and the Annotation Toolbox.

With Auto-Image Labeling, the user can automatically add specific text or report fields to each captured image. Font type, color, and positioning of the label is at user discretion. Unlimited labels may be pre-configured.

Image Annotation

The Annotation Toolbox allows addition of freehand text, shapes, and measurements to captured images.

Image Toolbox

Image Annotation