VibeX Anti-Vibration Platforms

For performing assisted reproductive technology procedures such as ICSI and embryo biopsy under high magnification, a vibration-free environment is crucial.

What is the difference between Vibration Isolation and Vibration Absorption? Isolation is the prevention of vibrations from entering into a system, where as absorption is the damping of the vibration energy that is entering the system.

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The Most Advanced Active Vibration Isolation System

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A lightweight and compact tabletop active vibration isolation system, VibeXactive counteracts environmental vibrations for sensitive IVF equipment, like inverted microscopes. The streamlined design allows it to seamlessly become part of the workstation environment and its straightforward composition requires no follow-up tuning. VibeXactive’s effectiveness significantly reduces vibrations and disturbances, making it a critical tool for laboratory use. Removing vibrations in ICSI, embryo biopsy and other precision processes is critical to optimize performance.

Special Built-In Shaker Mode

  • Test how the target system or device performs under different vibration conditions
  • Adjustable for different frequencies and amplitudes
  • Simulation of real-world environmental conditions
  • Verification of target system or response of internal components of the device to vibrations.
  • Uses standard external sensors to understand the effect of vibration and vibration induced resonances on target system's performance
  • Determine target system limitations
  • Collect and analyze transmissability data


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The Most Advanced Vibration Absorption System

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VibeXpassive significantly reduces environmental vibrations so they do not transfer to sensitive microscopes and micromanipulation equipment.

VibeXpassive absorbs vibrations caused by normal environmental conditions in the IVF laboratory including foot traffic, HVAC systems, nearby operating machinery, etc.

VibeXpassive is a lightweight and compact tabletop vibration absorption system that is easy to install and requires no tuning.


MKT-1017, Rev. A & MKT-1018, Rev. A