Gynemed Micropipettes

Key Features



  • All pipettes are made of medical grade borosilicate glass.
  • To meet international standards as well as the requirements of the FDA, the pipettes are individually packed and sterilized by gamma-radiation.
  • The pipettes are manufactured in accordance with highest quality standards respecting the following parameters:
    • length of the pipette
    • bending angle of the tip
    • inner and outer diameter of the tip
    • length of the tip
    • shape of the tip
  • By means of mouse-embryo-test (MEA) each lot is screened for toxins to assure the highest possible safety for use in A.R.T. procedures.
  • In addition to a lot number, each pipette has a unique serial number for highest level of traceability.

Full Range of  Pipettes for A.R.T.

Gynemed offers customized pipettes for use in the assisted reproduction laboratory.

ICSI: to aspirate and inject sperm into oocyte
Available with or without spike, beveled, straight or with bending angle 20° - 40°, and with internal diameter of 4.6, 5 or 7 µm.

icsi pn chart4

icsi diagram2

Biopsy: to perform polar body, blastomere or trophectoderm biopsy
Available with blunt or 40° beveled opening, straight or with bending angle 20° - 35°, and with internal diameter of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 35 µm.

biopsy pn chart4

biopsy diagram2

Holding: to hold and immobilize the oocyte or embryo
Available with bending angle 0° - 40°, with outside diameter of 80, 100, or 120 µm, and polished opening of 15 - 25 µm I.D.

 holding pn chart4

holding diagram2

 Made in Germany.

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