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Assisted Reproductive Technology
to Bring Innovations to Life

Hamilton Thorne Inc. is a trusted provider of Sperm Analyzers,
Laser Systems, and Equipment for In Vitro Fertilization

Assisted reproductive technology solutions for the IVF clinic. Our knowledgeable sales team can consult with you on a variety of ART solutions to meet your lab’s demanding needs.
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We possess technical expertise in animal reproduction and create assisted reproductive technology to meet your animal breeding needs. Ranging from applications in animal production, conservation, veterinary care, and breeding for performance.
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We offer a full range of solutions to support research studies for various animal models. Our CASA and laser systems have been used in toxicology, drug safety assessments, clinical research, stem cell research, and other various developmental biology protocols.
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About Us

Customer-focused solutions to optimize your workflow and deliver accurate results

Hamilton Thorne Inc. is a leading manufacturer of precision laser systems, imaging systems, consumables, and services that enable breakthroughs in Human and Animal Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Developmental Biology Research markets. For over 30 years, our company has been trusted to provide innovative technology for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) professionals all over the world.

Commitment to Quality

Our flagship sperm analyzers and laser systems are developed on site by highly-skilled production teams locally in USA. Our team follows an ISO certified end-to-end manufacturing process, driven by quality every step of the way.


We collaborate with our customers and seek to design ART products based on their feedback. You know what you need for success, and we’re determined to help you get there.

Technical Expertise

Our knowledgeable staff comprises of devoted professionals who are proficient in embryology and andrology techniques. Let us help provide solutions to help you overcome the challenges in your lab.

our Products

Bringing Innovations to Life

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Air Purification Casa Systems HT Laser Systems Lab Equipment Consumables Oosight Imaging System® Micropipettes

Air Purification

Air quality is critical to embryo development and overall success of IVF. Studies show that poor laboratory air quality can result in decreased birth rates and poor IVF outcomes.

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Casa Systems

CASA (Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis) image analysis systems are designed to bring quality, efficiency, and reliability to studies of reproductive cells in the human fertility, animal sciences, and reproductive toxicology fields. Our sperm analyzers assist researchers and clinicians in analyzing sperm motility, morphology, or other characteristics in human fertility, toxicology, research, and animal applications.

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HT Laser Systems

Accurate targeting features and precise control with multiple laser paths (DTS).
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Lab Equipment

Although well-known for our sperm analyzers and lasers, we distribute lab equipment and accessories such as air purifiers, incubators, IVF workstations, microscope stage warmers, and more! Together with our Hamilton Thorne Group sister companies and partnership with renowned brands such as Olympus, ZEISS, Genea Biomedx, TMC, and many others, we can provide a robust array of products to setup your lab.
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We supply a variety of consumables to assist with several techniques throughout the in vitro fertilization process. Our company supplies micropipettes, microscope slides, embryo culture media, and media for sperm processing through our collaboration with our sister companies and other partners in the industry.

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Oosight Imaging System®

The Oosight Imaging System® provides high-contrast live images of the oocyte and spindle to determine which subpopulations are at high risk for producing chromosomally abnormal embryos and can prevent potentially damaging effects from injecting immature oocytes.
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Micropipettes are intended for use in Assisted Reproduction Technology (A.R.T.) procedures including handling and micromanipulation of spermatozoon, oocytes and embryos.

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Learn about the latest TOX IVOS II

The TOX IVOS II is now available on the latest CASA platform. Compatible with sperm samples of rat and all other animal species models for drug safety assessments.


Trusted Worldwide Across Multiple Industries

Hamilton Thorne’s growing customer base includes fertility clinics, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, animal breeding and research centers, and other commercial and academic establishments worldwide.