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Inspiring IVF Professionals of the Future

It’s been a busy year with our team attending tradeshows and conferences around the world! From Lisbon, Portugal at the Alpha conference with sister companies of the Hamilton Thorne group to our USA sales team attending the AAB (American Association of Bioanalysts) Educational Conference & CRB (College of Reproductive Biology) Symposium!

We love helping provide innovative ART solutions and meeting bright minds of the IVF world at these esteemed conferences! During the month of May, our team worked actively to help inspire IVF professionals of the future.

AAB Educational Conference & CRB Symposium 2024

On May 7-10, our team attended the AAB Educational Conference & CRB Symposium in Las Vegas, NV. This year was a special time for our company as we collaborated with the AAB/CRB organization to establish the Diarmaid Douglas-Hamilton Scholarship Award for students participating in the AAB/CRB’s educational program.

The scholarship will assist with expenses associated with the program and help growing embryologists and andrologists with their blossoming careers. Our founder was a physicist and inventor who believed in the power of sharing knowledge to make the world a better place. We’re so happy to celebrate his legacy in this way!

During the conference, we had the honor of congratulating the scholarship winners Serena Kline and Yaling (Madeline) Hew. Our company is thrilled to continue fostering educational opportunities for the new generation of IVF professionals!

In addition to the scholarship award, we also hosted a workshop featuring our Oosight Imaging System and discussed the benefits of non-invasive imaging of eggs. Using the Oosight can help with oocyte grading and selecting healthy fresh or frozen eggs prior to ICSI or implantation. Understanding the oocyte is critical to understanding embryogenesis and we were happy to show the workshop attendees a method of visualizing the zona pellucida’s and the spindle’s structural integrity without the use of dyes or stains.

Once the conference was in full swing, we held our roundtable presentation, “Growing and Protecting the Next Generation of Embryologists” from Michael Baker, PhD, HCLD(ABB), Lab Director of Aspire Fertility San Antonio. Dr. Baker discussed the future of IVF in a full round table of passionate IVF practitioners. We thank Dr. Baker for providing such an inspiring discussion!

Attending the AAB Educational Conference & CRB Symposium is always an engaging event and we’re excited to be partnering with the organization again by supporting the CRB’s Laboratory Management and Leadership Development Workshop scheduled for August 10, 2024, at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Grapevine DFW Airport North, Grapevine, Texas.

IVF Workshops Across the Globe

May proved to be an active month where we had the pleasure of providing multiple learning opportunities across the globe. In Asia, for the ASPIRE (Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction) conference in Manila, Philippines on May 23 we held a workshop alongside our sister company Gynemed GmbH & Co. KG to teach the best techniques for ICSI and IMSI with Micromanipulation/Oosight. Our guest speakers from Vitrus Fertility Centre Swee Lian Liow, Motoki Ito, and Ying Xuan (Audrey) provided expert training to the workshop attendees. We thank this amazing team for teaching these critical assisted reproductive procedures!

On the other side of the world in sunny Carlsbad, California, USA, we held our Micromanipulation Workshop at WEST (World Embryology Skills and Training Center) during the same week as ASPIRE. The workshop focused on important IVF concepts such as Biopsy Technique, the ART of ICSI, MEA, Vitrification, and AI in the lab. Our guest speakers included Debbie Venier (WEST), Shaun Reed (Utah Fertility), Rebecca Stones (Pinnacle Fertility), Melissa Teran (Alife Health), and Alex Ehlers (Alife Health). We appreciate their partnership and for inspiring the attendees by sharing their experiences in the lab. After the riveting workshop presentations, the attendees applied what they learned into a lab setting and participated in hands-on training at micromanipulation stations.

Last but not least, we teamed up again with Gynemed to organize a workshop about our latest IVF solutions during the ALPHA conference on May 31st. Our workshop focused on using the LYKOS DTS for biopsy, cryo solutions from the Gynemed media line, and Automatization during sperm analysis using the SCA SCOPE. Additionally, we’re giving a big thank you to Thomas Ebner (Kepler University, Kinderwunsch Zentrum, Linz, Austria) for his innovative presentation called “Artificial Sperm and Oocyte Activation” and the round table discussion about unique media solutions “Add-ons with Added Value“!

We’re so happy we had the chance to meet so many IVF professionals at these exciting events. During every workshop or conference, our number one goal is always the same: improve your workflow in the lab. We want you to learn the best ART techniques to help you provide effective service for your clients. Hope to see you at our next event!