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SOT 2024

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SOT 2024

March 10 March 14

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Booth 806

We understand the critical role that you play to ensure a pathway of safety before medicinal drugs enter the market. Your work requires a need for accuracy in quantitative studies and the need for repeatable results. We offer a full range of solutions to support clinical research, stem cell research, inner cell mass isolation, and other various developmental biology protocols. Visit our team at SOT in Booth 806 to learn about our innovative products.

Simplify your day-to-day operations and maximize your research potential!

Full Research Lab Equipment & Accessories for Drug Safety Assessment Studies

Although well-known for our sperm analyzers and lasers, we distribute lab equipment and accessories such as air purifiers, incubators, IVF workstations, microscope stage warmers, and more! Together with our Hamilton Thorne Group sister companies and partnership with renowned brands in the assisted reproductive technology industry, we can provide a robust array of products to setup your lab for drug safety assessments and DART studies.

Animal Toxicology Sperm Analysis

Our TOX IVOS has the capability to assess multiple animal species for drug development programs. Reproductive toxicology testing is also commonly performed on fish sperm to test for adverse effects of environmental contaminants. Our CEROS II semen analyzer is popular for fish studies with its option for a cooled stage to study cold water fish sperm. The SCA Evolution is a specialized rodent CASA system for research centers and universities performing studies with mouse & rat sperm. Ideal for researchers.

Research Lasers

Our research lasers have been used worldwide in a variety of applications including cellular injury and regeneration studies, fertilization of genetically modified lines, and laser-targeted cell ablation. The XYClone and XYRCOS lasers have helped researchers study the transfer and development of pluripotent stem cells in rodent models. The Stiletto research laser has been used in a variety of applications including colony scoring and cell isolation.

High-contrast Live Oocyte Imaging

The Oosight Imaging System provides high-contrast live images of the oocyte and spindle to determine which subpopulations are at high risk for producing chromosomally abnormal embryos and can prevent potentially damaging effects from injecting immature oocytes.

Our unique and patented solid-state, liquid crystal technology is an easy add-on to your ICSI workstation. Oosight software runs on your computer to capture, display, and analyze your image. Perfect for oocyte grading, SCNT (Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer), Stem Cell Research, and other
Developmental Biology applications!