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Noor Fertility and Assisted Reproduction Center (NFARC)

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Ahmad Morsi Abu Maizer is the Senior Clinical Embryologist at Noor Fertility and Assisted Reproduction Center (NFARC) and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree, which he believes will open new insights for him in the ART field.

At the center, he supervises and improves all the assisted reproductive techniques and protocols that pertain to the In vitro fertilization (IVF) laboratory workflow.In addition, he provides the training for junior embryologists as well as for students who attend special courses in embryology and assisted reproductive technology (ART).

His work includes the maintenance of all aspects of quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) inside the laboratory which guarantee the integrity and quality of work performed. Also, he is affiliated to Jordanian universities and provides assistance for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.Before using the ZILOS-tk, Abu Mazier was relying on mechanical and chemical zona breaching methods, such as three-dimensional partial zona dissection (3D- PZD) and acid Tyrode’s solution.

It was five years ago, when he was the director of IVF laboratory at the Jordan University Hospital, that Abu Maizer was first introduced to the ZILOS-tk. At that time, he decided to move the zona breaching techniques to the next level and began looking for an efficient and stable laser photo ablation system. He says,

“After comparing the various laser systems offered, I liked the ZILOS-tk’s capabilities and found the price to be attractive. Plus, the feedback I received from colleagues, who were using other brands of laser systems, emphasized the ZILOS-tk’s stability and practicality.”

Ahmad Morsi Abu Maizer, B.Sc., M.Sc.
IVF Laboratory Director-Senior Clinical Embryologist

Thus, when the NFARCIVF laboratory was established, he did not hesitate to choose the ZILOS-tk® because his previous experience with system gave him first-hand insight on the most convenient and practical system to choose.

The ZILOS-tk® is used for laser-assisted hatching (LAH), laser -assisted ICSI (LA-ICSI), polar body biopsy, cleavage state embryo biopsy and trophoectoderm (TE) biopsy in the NFARCIVF laboratory. Abu Maizer says, “Using the ZILOS-tk® has opened up new horizons in cell isolation and manipulation. Both the contrast and the resolution of the lens are quite high and help me distinguish the smallest details of the specimens during the procedures. In addition, the indispensible software features allow me to record procedures and document and report data in a detailed and professional manner.”

Abu Maizer likes that the installation and the calibration of the ZILOS-tk® are quite easy and both features give the device a mobility option which allows him to move it from one micromanipulation station to another without the need for any technical assistance. Also, the device is highly stable with respect to its calibration parameters. “I have been using ZILOS-tk® for five years on daily basis and have never noticed any deviation of calibration spot even once,” says Abu Maizer. “Besides that, the concept of the thermal rings adds precision and safety during manipulation, which allows me to perform my biopsies without harming the adjacent cells.”

Abu Maizer finds the user interface to be simple, easy to use and offers a variety documentation options. He states,

“I can record my procedures in a real time manner andor take snapshots of gametes and embryos. This feature aids me in demonstrating and elaborating on procedures for professional practitioners and trainees. In addition, I can do unique measurements of different cellular structures and to report them in an elegant way.”

Ahmad Morsi Abu Maizer, B.Sc., M.Sc.
IVF Laboratory Director-Senior Clinical Embryologist

As for Hamilton Thorne as a company, Abu Maizer says “I find the way by which HT keeps in touch with scientists via social networks is very efficient and opens a great deal of opportunities to learn, develop and polish skills. On the other hand, the webinars open a room to gain knowledge and to share experiences with authorities in the ART field. I consider companies like Hamilton Thorne partners and their contributions to science allow us to achieve our patients’ desire in making their own babies.”

When asked for insights on his laboratory and himself, Abu Maizer commented, “Our center is considered as one of the newest assisted reproduction centers in Jordan. The IVF laboratory is equipped with the top of the line instruments. Our protocols embrace the latest of their kind. Our success is inspired from the continuous updating and upgrading of our operating procedures and instruments, respectively. The most important aspect in maintaining good results is keeping pace with science. Actually, I try to achieve this by updating my knowledge through reading the latest in the scientific publications and by attending local and international conferences and workshops. This process has created a potent urge for learning which enabled me to introduce new procedures and to develop the existent ones as well.”

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