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In Loving Memory of 
Diarmaid Douglas-Hamilton

Chief Technology Officer, Senior Vice President of Research & Development and Co-founder

On January 19, 2023, with deep grief and sadness, we regretfully announced the passing of Diarmaid Douglas-Hamilton, our beloved Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. Diarmaid passed away at age 82, at his lab in Beverly, MA, after a heart attack.

Diarmaid was a well-respected inventor, entrepreneur, amateur pilot, mountaineer, and physicist with an endless passion for research and innovation. During the 1980’s, Diarmaid and his wife Meg Spencer embarked on their mission of bringing new technologies to the animal breeding industry and developed their first CASA system, the HTM-Analyzer, in 1986.

Thanks to Diarmaid and Meg’s passion and dedication, Hamilton Thorne has since expanded into the fertility treatment industry and have created breakthrough products supporting in vitro fertilization (IVF) professionals worldwide.

Diarmaid’s brilliant inventions have forever impacted the Assisted Reproductive Technology industry and we mourn his loss along with the scientific community. We at Hamilton Thorne are eternally grateful for our time with him and the innovative knowledge he shared with the world.