LASERCare Service Plan Overview

Don’t let your lab come to a standstill due to instrument failure.

Instrument failure is serious business – it wastes time, effort and money. It can also call the reliability of your lab into question.

The LASERCare™ service plans from Hamilton Thorne offer economical and comprehensive insurance against unexpected repair costs and downtime. Three levels of service plans are available for our laser systems, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Remote Assistance

All our service plans include unlimited remote assistance.  In many instances, problems are easily diagnosed over the phone or by using our remote access option, TeamViewer®. TeamViewer allows our service technicians to access your laser system located anywhere in the world, as long as it is connected to the internet.

The TeamViewer application lets us look inside your system’s software, make adjustments to settings, update software and much more, all while speaking with you on the phone. The application also has a Live Chat and Video option that may be used.

Preventative Maintenance (PM)

Our Plus and Elite service plans include a Preventive Maintenance (PM) component to help you control costs and maximize up time.  By pro-actively replacing common wear and tear parts and thoroughly checking and cleaning the system, annual PM visits increase both system lifetime and uptime plus reduce out of pocket expense.

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance:

  • cut costs
  • improve productivity
  • increase lifetime of system
  • increase system uptime
  • identify minor issues before they become major issues
  • software updates installed for you
  • training
  • comply with regulatory requirements


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