TeamViewer Remote Support Instructions

Thank you for considering remote access to your Hamilton Thorne system for support purposes.

There are some support issues which can be resolved quickly by allowing a Hamilton Thorne support representative to “see” and “control” your Hamilton Thorne CASA or Laser computer system over the internet. TeamViewer is a program which allows a Hamilton Thorne support representative remote access and control of a Hamilton Thorne CASA or Laser system computer for support purposes. Hamilton Thorne will only have access to your system during the TeamViewer session. Once you are finished and close the TeamViewer program, the Hamilton Thorne representative will NOT have continued access to your system.

Getting Started with TeamViewer

1) The Hamilton Thorne system must be connected to the internet via a high speed internet connection (e.g. broadband, not dial up).

2) Download the TeamViewer file to the Windows desktop of your Hamilton Thorne system.

3) Unzip the file and double click the TeamViewer QS V11.exe file to run the TeamViewer program. From the User Account Control panel, select Yes to allow the app to make changes.

4) An ID number and a password are automatically generated and shown on the TeamViewer screen. Please provide both these numbers to the Hamilton Thorne support representative (e.g. by telephone call, text message or email).

teamviewer 11

5) In most cases, it is important to stay in communication with the Hamilton Thorne representative during the TeamViewer session as he/she may need to instruct you to adjust focus, change objectives or even restart your system. Once the connection is made, this can be accomplished through the built-in Voice over IP function,  via the Chat feature or by standard telephone connection.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the internet connection is too slow, intermittent or otherwise poor quality, it may not be possible to perform remote diagnostics and support with TeamViewer.