Sort Option

What is Sort?

The Sort option allows the ability to isolate a certain sub-population of cells (i.e. hyper-activated cells) for analysis.

Three independent Sort sets are available. For each analysis performed, the enabled Sort sets are applied separately to the cell population. The fraction of cells passing the sort criteria are calculated and presented under Analysis Results Summary.

A variety of kinematic and morphological (non-clinical) criteria may be selected on which to Sort cells, such as VSL, VAP, ALH, Bent Tail Count, etc.  More that one criteria may be selected for a Sort Set. For example, in the below image, to be included in the Sort Results, the VSL must be between 50 and 500 µm/sec and the STR must be greater than 25%.


 The Sort Results

For each Enabled Sort Set, the results for cells passing the selected Sort criteria are displayed under Results Summary.

On the Field Playback screen, any cells falling within the Enabled Sort Set are labeled with the corresponding color selected for that Sort Set.

By deselecting the toggle box next to the color assigned to the Sort Set, the original track classification colors may be viewed.