IMSI-Strict® Benefits and Features

Available in US for Research use only and not to be used for diagnostic purposes.

IMSI-Strict: Benefits and Features


  • Objective classification of sperm removes inter-technician variation
  • Fast analysis with immediate results minimizes time from sample preparation to ICSI procedure
  • Allows standardization of user-selected sperm for ICSI
  • No manual measurements of sperm required
  • Save videos and snapshots for quality control and archiving


  • Perform real-time morphology on a live, motile sample or on a snapshot or video image
  • Compatible with dry (~ 60x - 63x) and 100x oil immersion objectives
  • Intuitive interface design for quick learning
  • Pre-set calibration of two objectives for ease of use
  • One-step image processing and analysis
  • Color-coded overlays provide quick visual reference of categorization