Halosperm® G2 Kit


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The Halosprm G2 kit is compatible with the IVOS II and CEROS II DNA Fragmentation module.

Halosperm is an in vitro diagnostic kit that allows the measurement of DNA fragmentation in a fast, easy, and reproducible manner, without the need for complex laboratory equipment. Halosperm allows for an improved evaluation of sperm quality, complementing the information offered by the conventional sperm analysis. Conventional semen analysis only studies spermatozoa concentration, motility and morphology. It is an incomplete study, as it omits analysis of one of the most important parameters, the integrity of the DNA molecule. 15% of men considered to be infertile present normal sperm analyses, which makes a deeper assessment of the sample important. Halosperm facilitates decision-making for medical professionals regarding which assisted reproduction technique is most appropriate for each couple.

Halosperm is based on the SCD technique, patented by Halotech, based on a controlled DNA denaturation process to facilitate the subsequent removal of the proteins contained in each spermatozoon.  In this way, normal spermatozoa create halos formed by loops of DNA at the head of the sperm, which are not present in those with damaged DNA.

The images of halos generated with Halosperm are highly contrasted and can be evaluated precisely using conventional or fluorescent microscopy. The tails of the spermatozoa are preserved, so it is possible to discriminate them from other cell types that might be present in the ejaculate, such as leukocytes. In addition, Halosperm® allows the visualisation of spermatozoa that contain highly degraded DNA compared to other types of less aggressive damage. This fact is of great importance in the diagnosis and monitoring of varicocele.

Halosperm G2 has been developed in response to specific needs expressed by users of the first-generation Halosperm® kit. This new generation of kits supplies IVF laboratories with all the key materials to successfully assess DNA fragmentation in a simple, timely and cost-effective manner.

The key advantage of the Halosperm G2 kit is that there is no need to work in an extraction hood. It partially eliminates the typically bad smell of the lysis solutions derived from the use of disulphide bond reductors. Using a few drops will give you the same reliable results as the current Halosperm® kit in a user-friendlier environment.

Halosperm G2 also includes staining reagents making it easier to stain with bright field microscopy and so avoid inter-laboratories staining differences.

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