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As the sole andrologist at the Male Fertility Analysis program at Umass Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, Rhonda Dobson wears many hats.

Ms. Dobson performs all the semen analyses for the variety of patients seen at the Male Fertility program. Dobson’s analyses range from assessing the sperm of a patient undergoing chemotherapy to determine if it is suitable for cryopreservation to verifying the results of a vasectomy. Dobson also performs morphology analyses for other hospitals who do not have andrologists or who do not have the time to perform the analysis.

With this astounding volume and range of work, Dobson needs a product she can rely on. That product is the Dimensions Strict Morphology program. Dobson prefers using Dimensions over manual analysis because she finds that Dimensions is “more accurate and it’s reliable.” She also likes using the IVOS because she can “see the sperm very clearly. With the IVOS, I can see any imperfections easily,” which permits a quick visual review of the analysis results.

Rhonda Dobson, B.S., M.S., C.H.E.S.
Male Fertility Analysis Program
Worcester, Massachusetts