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Making Research Headlines

Dr. Sheena Lewis, who heads up the reproductive arm of the Centre for Clinical and Population Studies, has used the IVOS for the past ten years to study how “specific lifestyles, dietary issues, clinically induced infertility (by vasectomy) and disease factors may exacerbate dysfunction.” She also uses it to “develop novel male fertility tests with prognostic value in assisted conception.”

The IVOS first came to the attention of the Institute at a medical conference. One of the researchers saw the potential of the IVOS for researching the effects of pentoxifylline (a blood thinning agent) as an energy enhancer for sperm motility. With IVOS obtained results, the group published three papers about the effects of pentoxifylline on sperm movement.

Lewis is widely quoted by the BBC (see following links) because her research findings are of great interest to the general public. Lewis’ recent studies include researching the effects of diabetes, Viagra, marijuana, and soya (a typical fast food ingredient) on sperm motility. For these types of studies, Dr. Lewis finds that

“the IVOS is extremely useful because it provides a quantitative determination of motility parameters. It also extends our knowledge of actual velocities – a parameter that we have shown to be prognostic in assessing sperm fertilizing potential.”

Dr. Sheena E. M. Lewis
Institute of Clinical Science Belfast, Northern Ireland

The IVOS is also an asset because its results are easily reproduced. Dr. Lewis points out that the IVOS “removes the subjectivity that causes such variation in motilities within and between labs.” In addition, Dr. Lewis says that the IVOS “is easy to use, fast, and accurate.”

As a long-term IVOS user, Dr. Lewis’ experience has been that “both Hamilton Thorne’s products and customer service are reliable and helpful.”

Dr. Sheena E. M. Lewis
Institute of Clinical Science Belfast, Northern Ireland
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