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IVOS Customizes Fertility Solutions

At the Genesis Fertility Centre, the busiest IVF center in Canada, Dr. Sharon Mortimer and her colleagues have developed a methodology called the “Sperm Screen” to determine the most effective treatment course for each couple. Thanks to this unique screening method, in which the IVOS plays a vital role, they were able to reduce their number of ICSI cases by 20%.

The IVOS is a large part of the success of the Sperm Screen. Dr. Mortimer says, “The IVOS has allowed us to look at other aspects of the sperm that may have been previously overlooked,” such as its swimming patterns (which she has found to be highly correlated with the sperm’s ability to penetrate the egg).

In addition to using the IVOS in a clinical setting, Dr. Mortimer also uses it for research.

“The IVOS is wonderful for examining the quality of sperm movement. I feel more confIDENT® in analyses with the IVOS because it provides an independent, objective opinion of the research conducted. Additionally, the time saving features of the IVOS are enormous.”

Sharon Mortimer, Ph.D.
Director of Laboratory Operations
Sharon Mortimer, Ph.D.
Director of Laboratory Operations Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Dr. Mortimer also employs the IVOS as a teaching tool. She uses it to teach visiting urology residents about sperm. “Amazingly enough, most urology residents have no idea what a sperm looks like. Using the IVOS, I can show them aspects of sperm quality and movement, while at the same time comparing different sperm,” she says.

Dr. Mortimer is impressed with Hamilton Thorne. She finds that “HT is very responsive to any suggestions that we might have or helpful with any problems we are experiencing. HT keeps pace with our needs and is very innovative.”

Sperm Screen Steps

  1. Sperm are analyzed by IVOS against WHO parameters.
  2. Sperm are tested for an antisperm antibody.
  3. Swimming patterns of the sperm are analyzed by IVOS.
  4. Sperm is washed with Pure Sperm to remove less than ideal sperm.
  5. Movement and the hyperactivation of the washed sperm are examined by the IVOS