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Fertility Center of Illinois

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A Winning Combination

The Fertility Center of Illinois (FCI) is one of the busiest and most successful fertility centers in the Midwest boasting several outpatient clinic locations.

Satvinder Kaur, andrologist at the FCI lab, says she, “cannot imagine performing all of the required analyses on such a high volume of samples without the help of the CEROS and Dimensions.” 

FCI has a high rate of success. Satvinder believes that “one reason that the center has such a high success rate is that we combine the use of the CEROS motility analysis, with the morphology capabilities of Dimensions.” Using the results of both the motility and morphology analyses provides a better predictive outcome when looking at semen samples.

Before coming to the center two years ago, Satvinder had never worked with a CEROS. She says, “it only took me two days to learn how to operate the CEROS. It is very easy to use and very intuitive in its organization.” She reports that there are about fifteen team members who currently use the CEROS in three different labs. All enjoy working with the CEROS.

“I have seen other equipment at tradeshows and from people who are making sales calls, but there is no comparison to the CEROS and Dimensions for ease and speed of use.” 

Satvinder Kaur, A. S., A.S.C.P.

The fertility center has been using Hamilton Thorne products for over ten years. During Satvinder’s two years at the clinic, only one service call was needed. Kaur recalls that HT responded quickly and fixed the problem with little difficulty. Satvinder concludes by saying, “I am very satisfied with the instrument.”

Satvinder Kaur, A. S., A.S.C.P. Andrologist
Highland Park, Illinois, USA