MiniTherm Stage Warmer

A compact and affordable stage warmer for CASA and manual sperm motility analysis.


Since sperm motility and velocity are highly dependent on temperature, assessment of motility should be performed as close to 37°C as possible [World Health Organization laboratory manual for the examination of human semen. 3rd edition. 1992].

Before, large and costly microscope stage heaters were the only option. Now, with the MiniTherm stage warmer, a portable, low-cost alternative is available. Designed for use with disposable sperm analysis chambers and microscope slides, the MiniTherm stage warmer maintains sample temperature at 37°C. Simply plug the warmer in and place on the microscope stage. The MiniTherm stage warmer automatically calibrates itself to 37°C. Each MiniTherm comes with a temperature validation slide that turns green (see image above) when at 37°C.